1. Treatment for Your Individual Needs

    Dr. Michlynn and all of her staff are very attentive & kind. They take the time to listen to develop the appropriate treatment base on symptoms. I learned a lot of new information on posture, stretching and exercise to help reduce aggravation of arthritis. Really noticed a difference at DMR that they take the time to treat my individual need, rather than a standard treatment that is the same f…Read More

  2. What a Great Chiropractor!

    I could go on for days about what a great chiropractor Dr. Michlynn is! She is gentle, effective and very knowledgeable. Her skill is one that is not found everyday which is why I drive 20 miles to see her. Been seeing her for over 5 years and many more to come!…Read More

  3. This Place is for You!

    This place and this doctor are truly a gift. She really knows her stuff and I've never felt in better hands, literally. From adjustments to PT to massage therapy, this place has it all. If you're looking for a friendly, caring, and real results clinic, this place is for you. Go here, meet these people, you won't regret it!!!…Read More

  4. Amazing!

    Dr. Tiffany, Paul & Dr. Michlynn are amazing- very professional & know their stuff!…Read More

  5. Excellent Knowledge

    Very good job of understanding my condition on a day-to-day basis. Excellent knowledge from the staff, all around.…Read More

  6. Holistically Better!

    It is a breath of fresh air after 23 years of pain and mistreatment to have a clinic dedicated to making your long-term quality of life holistically better!…Read More