1. Love PT with Chiro together!

    I recommend DMR, love PT with Chiro together!…Read More

    Jennifer E
  2. A Wonder to Be Around

    The treatment and staff are a wonder to be around. Would recommend, fully!…Read More

  3. Tailored to Fit

    I thought the staff was very kind, knowledgeable and welcoming. I liked how the information I was given was tailored to fit my needs/work situation. I have see the results of their work in myself and my husband. I always felt welcomed here, encouraged and felt I was given the tools to help w/ my pain.…Read More

  4. Focused on Recovery

    The chiro has been very focused on my recovery and have given me great information on correcting my issues and preventing further problems.…Read More

  5. Non-Invasive Treatment That Works

    I would recommend patients to DMR Clinic Rogers for non-invasive treatment that works.…Read More

  6. Great Diagnosis

    They did a great job diagnosing what was causing my pain and were able to take the necessary steps to fix it.…Read More

  7. Improved Dramatically

    I have had back pain for nine years. I went in thinking that my back would not get better, pain-wise and mobility. My symptoms have improved dramatically. I can walk and stand for more than an hour.…Read More

  8. Eliminate Your Pain

    I had a lot of pain in my neck, upper back and right arm. The pain prevented me from being able to workout, sitting at my desk for long periods of time, turning my neck when driving, and even had pain when getting ready or picking something light up. The DMR staff is very friendly. The chiropractic team and physical therapy team work together to help you eliminate your pain. The team has helped me…Read More

  9. Hip Pain

    I have had hip pain for years. The DMR clinicians are fantastic. They are helpful, nice, and very knowledgeable. If you do the work and listen to them, it works!…Read More

  10. Working Together

    The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and patient-focused. It is very apparent that tehy are all working together to come up with the best methods I really didn't know how good my body was supposed to feel until coming to DMR Clinic!…Read More