Working with athletes of all fitness levels and abilities, our sports rehab programs were specifically designed to quickly and effectively rehabilitate and restore the full capabilities of joint and muscle function using the DMR Method, just as our other back pain relief treatments are.

Whether dealing with an older injury, or one newly experienced, our physical therapists are both highly trained and well-equipped, helping patients recover from injuries quickly with specialized sports physical therapy treatments. Helping to restore healthy function, including increased range of motion and flexibility, each sports physical therapy session is geared to address the specific symptoms experienced by the patient, ensuring beneficial results at an efficient pace. We include specifically designed sports chiropractor treatments and other sports rehab to ensure you receive a well-rounded treatment plan.

After a full physical and injury assessment, including a review of your medical history and personal objectives, we’ll then perform a battery of tests in order to determine the level of dysfunction within the joints and muscles of the injured area. From this diagnosis, we’ll be able to develop a sensible, effective treatment plan that is personalized to your needs and goals and may include treatments pulled from sports physical therapy as well as massage and chiropractic. Our goal is to help you recover quickly while teaching you how to prepare your body in order to avoid future injuries.

If you’ve recently undergone surgery, we’ll work directly with your primary care physician and surgeon to develop an appropriate plan of action, enabling you to more fully recover and enjoy optimal function. Pre-surgery care can also be arranged in order to assure that your treatment is scheduled as planned, assisting you in prompt healing and sports rehab.

Guiding you towards optimal wellness, our sports physical therapists and chiropractic team works to ensure complete recovery from sports injuries of any kind. Find out more about our approach to physical therapy and sports rehab by scheduling your injury assessment appointment now.