With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing superior patient care, we proudly offer residents of Rogers all-encompassing, natural, drug-free pain relief and rehabilitation services. We specialize in the DMR Method, which combines the restorative modalities of chiropractic, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage to offer specially developed pain relief from our back pain specialists.

Diagnose. Manage. Rehabilitate.

Backed by years of clinical research, the DMR Method is a specific course of treatment that incorporates the most effective protocols of both manual therapies and medical treatments. As a non-surgical, drug-free approach to pain management and physical therapy or sports rehab, the DMR Method, as performed by our team of back pain specialists, has been proven to deliver fast, long-term results, alleviating the symptoms of a number of conditions.

As your local chiropractic and physical therapy/sports rehab clinic, we proudly offer the following therapeutic services:

Chiropractic Care – Led by our team of expert chiropractors, we offer chiropractic treatments and adjustments that are personalized to your unique needs. Whether restoring function and flexibility in the spine and extremities or removing subluxations in order to reduce symptoms of illness and disease, our chiropractic treatment plans have helped hundreds experience pain-free living and restored functionality, as developed by our back pain specialists. Working with patients of all ages, we are proud to be one of Rogers’ few pediatric chiropractic care providers.

Sports Rehab – Working with the weekend warrior and the professional athlete, we strive to offer high-quality sports injury restorative care and rehabilitation. Alleviating the pain of strains, sprains, and muscle or joint tears, we help athletes quickly recover from their injuries through our specially designed sports rehab program while teaching them techniques that help them avoid physical problems in the future. Combining therapeutic massage with sports rehab techniques, our sports health experts help athletes of all types get back on the field where they belong.

Physical Therapy – Fully understanding the link between spine function and overall wellness, our team of back pain specialists, physical therapists, and massage specialists work together to encourage and facilitate healthy bone and muscle functions in conjunction with chiropractic or sports rehab specific treatments. Working with patients that have suffered sports, auto, or workplace injuries, our physical therapists are skilled in physiology, ensuring fast, effective, long-lasting results, rehabilitating normal function in all joints and muscles.