DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals for new certifications & re-certifications

At DMR Clinic Rogers, our team of DMR Method doctors is board-certified and licensed to conduct DOT physicals through the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners by the U.S. Department of Transportation. As a Top Rated Local® health and wellness center in Rogers, we are proud to help commercial drivers (CMV) obtain and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate, also called a DOT medical card.

When you need to obtain a new certification, or re-certify an existing medical card, don’t spend time searching “DOT testing near me,” when our licensed medical examiners are just a call or a click away.

Benefits of Scheduling a DOT Physcial at DMR Clinic Rogers

  • Board-certified and licensed medical examiners
  • Conveniently located near truck stops, freeways, and high-traffic streets
  • DOT physical exam is conducted according to the FMCSA’s guidelines.
  • Convenient parking for trucks and semis
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Comfortable exam rooms
  • Our helpful and friendly patient care team ready to assist you

For Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers in the United States, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires you to obtain and maintain a valid DOT medical card, also called a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. In order to safely and legally operate a commercial vehicle according to federal and state law, commercial driver’s must first undergo and pass a physical examination that demonstrates that you are physically capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle.

Our DT Medical Exam Services

At DMR Clinic Rogers, our medical examiners can help you obtain the DOT medical card you need to legally operate your commercial vehicle through a DOT physical that adheres to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCAS) requirements. Our DOT medical exams include a:

  • Health and medical history review
  • Brief physical examination
  • Vision exam
  • Hearing assessment
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Urinalysis screening

Who Needs a DOT Physical?

  • Interstate and intrastate commercial drivers
  • Commercial drivers operating vehicles designed or used to transport more than 9 passengers (driver included)
  • Commercial drivers operating vehicles designed or used to transfer 16-plus passengers (driver included)
  • If a vehicle requires a Placard for Hazardous Waste
  • Drivers operating a gross vehicle or has a gross combination weight, or a vehicle that is rated to transport 10,001-pounds or more

Schedule a DOT Physical with DMR Clinic Rogers

When you search for “DOT physical exam near me,” choose DMR Clinic Rogers. Our medical professionals can see you regardless of whether or not you are an existing patient, and we will schedule you at your earliest convenience. Reach out to DMR Clinic Rogers to get started!

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